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Promotion consumer is a steadily growing company in Bangladesh. We produce as well as process various food products such as Candy, Coffee, Beverage and many good flavors of Spices.

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Peanut Candy

The Peanut also known as Groundnut is used as a main substance in this product. Salty-sweet perfection, Butter, Vitamins and Minerals make it healthy for consumption.

Perfect Coffee

Our Coffee is processed from collected fresh bean. Delicious milky flavor in coffee is also added a value in taste. A cup of hot coffee in the morning can set your mood for the whole day.


Twenty common Indian Spices are available to us. Spices are essential particularly in Indian, Bangle and Thai cuisine. Do you want to make your food tastier? Then contact us, place order and collect your product.

About Us

To produce quality food is our first priority. Peanut Candy and Spice Candy are popular items in our candy section. We sell the best coffee with affordable price. We also sell fresh and clean Spices with sustainable packaging. Our workers are more skilled and have exiting as well as ambitious aspirations. According to our strong financial performance, innovative, much loved products, we still remain a good company.

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